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Author's Credits


Lea D'Archer, Lulu Publications.
Short Fiction:

"Grievous Devotion," Gathering Darkness Ezine, spring 2000 issue.
"The Deathwatch Beetle," Gathering Darkness Ezine, fall 2000 issue.
"The Bali Mynah," Sinister Element Ezine, winter 2001 issue.
"Lightning Rod," The Haunted, Issue #16, winter 2002.
"Boundless Heart," Soul Engravings, fall 2003.
"The Monster," Demontia II, Issue #2, Fall 2001.
"Lightning Rod," Soul Engravings, Issue #3, Summer 2004.


"On Craft and Cleavage: When the Genre Blurs," (non-fiction), Deviant Minds, winter 2002, Issue #6.
"Horror No More: When the Well Runs Dry," (non-fiction), Deviant Minds, summer Issue #4.
"Beyond the Next Breath," (non-fiction), Deviant Minds, Fall 2002 issue.


Hannibal by Thomas Harris, (a review), Deviant Minds, Issue #9, winter 2003.


"Skull and Snake" (cover artwork), Demontia Magazine, Issue #1, fall 2000.
"The Cemetery" (artwork), Demontia Magazine, Issue #1, fall 2000.
"The Haunted House" (artwork), Demontia Magazine, Issue #1, fall 2000.
"The Arrival" (artwork), Demontia Magazine, Issue #1, fall 2000.
"Crystal Ball (artwork)," Demontia II, Issue #2, fall 2001.


"Forgotten" (poem), The Blood Letters Magazine, winter 2001 issue.
"The Encounter" (poem), Blood Roses: Journal of Dread, Issue #3, summer 2001.
"Forgotten" and "The Encounter" (sonnets), The Shadowshow, Fall 2002 issue.


"The Time Traveler," The Rare Anthology, Disc-Us Publications, spring 2001, ISBN# 1584442662
"A Good One," co-written with Brian Knight, Royal Aspirations III, Catalyst Press, spring 2002, ISBN# 1894815432.
"Feralust,"ChimeraWorld #1, ISBN# 1897013531, CyberPulp Publications, spring 2004.
"The Player" (limerick), Appalling Limericks (defunct), Sam's Dot Publishing, 2006.
"The Monster," The Widowmakers - The James Newman Benefit Anthology Coming Soon!


Machinations - 11 Tales of Death and Despair, ISBN# 141160962X, Lulu Publications, summer 2004.

Other Credits

Appointed as fiction editor of Deviant Minds, June 2001.